Hi all,

This is a new one on me.

So on Friday my return spring on the ignition barrel snapped. So I took the barrel off and stripped the pins out of the lock so I can swap them into the new barrel when it turns up...

Whilst I wait for the new barrel to turn up, I have been starting the car with the keyfob strapped to the immobiliser aerial and turning the ignition switch with a flathead screwdriver. When I arrive at my destination I turn the switch off with the screwdriver, remove the fob from the strap, lock the car and away I go. This has been working fine for past couple of days.

However... I found my second keyfob last night, which is also coded to the car. This one has same functionality as my main one, i.e. it works the RCL and starts the engine.

So I thought instead of destrapping the fob each time I arrive at my destination I can just leave the fob by the aerial all the time and use my second key to actually lock/unlock the car on RCL.

This morning I tried this. When I returned to the car I went to fire it up on the switch and it just turns over. Its not starting. The car has never failed to start in all the years I have owned it.

I'm pretty sure this is immobiliser related but I wondered if anyone has some background info on the immobiliser/key relationship.

Is this a no no to use one key to start the car and one to lock/unlock?

Seems a bit odd to me.

Car is a 2001 PH3 HDI.