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    Default Hdi Engine Management light on starting problem.


    I am sure this is post #24345....... regarding starting and immobiliser problems that the Hdi's experience. I have reads lots on the web already.

    I have a Hdi estate with 119k on the clock. Great car - I love it.

    Has never let me down in the last year of ownership and I have put around 17K miles on it in that time.

    Recently on my trip home the car started cutting out. After a few minutes it restarted. I managed to limp back to work and borrowed a vehicle to get home.

    With some research and some fault finding using Delphi diagnostics, I replaced the FPR and lift pump in the tank. Everything was fine and I managed to get the car home some 40 miles with no problems.

    The next day the cutting out started again and over the last few weeks I have systematically cleaned every earth and disconnected connectors to try and rule out corrosion on the contacts. I have checked continuity over most sensors going to the ECU. The ECU is a 3 plug version and that is one of the problems I have.

    I have replaced the brown double relay, I have power across the inertia switch. I have also bridged terminals 4 and 8 which gets the lift pump running nicely, ruling out poor wiring to the lift pump.

    I have the engine management permanently on now and believed that it was the immobiliser. I have a Chinese copy of PP2000 and have interrogated the CPH module only to find that the ECU does not reply. When I turn on the ignition, the lift pump does not work.

    I had a spare ECU immo removed in the hope that I could bypass the CPH and get the car running. HDI Tuning removed the immo and remapped the ECU. I connected this, but still the car will not run and the EML light is permanently on. I would like to check continuity between the CPH and the ECU. My problem is that I do not have the correct pinouts for the 3 plug ECU Bosch 562. I also cannot identify the wiring between the CPH and ECU by colour or code on the wire. I know they are 820-822.

    Does anyone have any ideas where my problem could lie, or do they have a correct pinout for the 3 plug ECU and the black and yellow connectors on the CPH.

    Any help is much appreciated. I really want to keep this old girl on the road.



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    Default Update

    Right - found the wiring between yellow CPH plug and ECU. I have good continuity. I was hoping that this was the problem.

    Not sure where to look next.

    Also have an issue with unlocked ECU. Codes cannot be cleared by PP2000 or DS150. I have anti start, clutch and MAF errors.

    Any suggestions?

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    My HDi gave me starting issues because the battery wasn't cranking fast enough. It would eventually start on the 3rd turn, but I initially thought it was the immobiliser.

    I'm sure there was a 3 pin diag somewhere. Sadly not had a 306 for a while now and not sure where.

    Edit: I must have found them somewhere. I'll try on my pc at home.
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