Hello guys,
I haven't posted here, I think.

Long story short:

I bought my black 306 in 2012. I was VERY happy with it. It was my first car and I was in love with it.
I started customising it step by step like xenon bulbs, tinted windows and etc (small changes).

But the fate wasn't good with me and in September 2014 the car got water in its engine. There was a lot of rain, a lot of cars (approx. 10) went thru flooded street but I couldn't.
The repair shop wanted too much money for a fix. I wasn't able (at the time) to cover these expenses.

I sold the car. I felt bad.

Some years ago, a 406 and an old Mercedes-Benz later, I re-bought the very same car from the guy who got it from me. He's a mechanic and he fixed the engine himself and did some improvements on the car: dashboard and seats from GTI-6, improvement on the filter system (so no more water as he says) and improvements on suspension - some parts from Berlingo, I don't know exactly.

The car is FINALLY mine again! I'm so happy now. It drives good, of course it's not the same (sadly) but I will make it feel MINE again.

Okay, straight to the point: I was wondering what is the exact edition of my car?
306 HDi XS?

I got some result in a query at Peugeot Servicebox a while (5 yrs) ago:
- that's about the spoiler.

Check out some images:

Thank you for any replies!