Pug306.net was started in May 2002 by Michael KR Brown. He bought a 306 and wanted to start a small community forum based on 306 owners, so the domain name pug306.net was purchased. I (Foxy) joined in August 2002 and I was member no.34, I tried to use some of the knowledge I have picked up to help out fellow members and before we knew it the forum was growing fast!

Growth was rapid from mid 2003 onwards the forum trebled in size, which is testament to the staff and members. In early 2005 Michael decided that he wanted to concentrate on his new passion, Motorcross racing so he sold the site to current member Pyropeck aka Greg. He enlisted my help as I was the longest serving member and together we decided to turn a massive community into a fully fledged club. So now in 2009 Pug306.net is the biggest Peugeot 306 owners club in the UK, we have over 20,000 registered members with 300 new members each month.

The Future

The forum itself has masses and masses of information, in fact its almost definitely the most informative Peugeot 306 site in the world.
We're constantly adding and updating information.